Terms and Conditions


1. The minimum age is 20 for all courses with Homestay accommodation. There is no maximum age limit. The minimum age for students who do not require Homestay accommodation is 18 years of age.
2. There is a Registration Fee of £50, payable on your first course only.
3. Lessons over 2 hours in duration include a 15-minute break.
4. The course fees include course materials.
5. The full fees are payable before the start of the course. When we confirm your course, we will send you an invoice indicating the latest date we should receive payment.
6. The School cannot be held responsible if a taxi we arrange on your behalf to your departure airport does not arrive in time for your flight.
7. If you cancel your course before arrival, no refund or credit will be given.
8. If you cancel your course after you arrive, finish your course early, or miss any of your lessons or scheduled activities, no refund or credit will be given, including in the case of illness, family emergencies or work commitments.
9. The Course Deposit is £50 on all courses and is non-refundable.
10. Whenever deemed necessary, the School reserves the right to change the timetable.
11. You are strongly advised to take out suitable insurance before travel. You must arrange your own insurance - neither the School nor Homestay hosts will accept responsibility for any accident or injury you suffer, damage to / loss of your property or injury / damage caused by you to others or to the property of others, or for any cancellation costs.
12. You cannot change your course after it has started.
13. Fees will be refunded only if a course is cancelled by the School.
14. You must tell the School if you have any medical condition, infirmity or allergy or take any regular medication. The School reserves the right not to allow you to start your course if you are suffering from an existing medical condition or infirmity or mental disability which you did not tell us about.
15. The School reserves the right to expel without any refund of fees students whose behaviour prejudices the best interests of the School.
16. The School reserves the right to withdraw the Special Offers promoted on this website immediately and without prior notice. Special Offers are only available to students who register directly. Special Offers cannot be applied retrospectively.
17. Students must pay all bank charges charged by their own bank when paying fees by international bank transfer. Fees are payable in pounds sterling (gbp).
18. Any contract for goods or purchases made through this website will be with Beaconsfield School of Education trading as Bath School of English. The School shall have no liability for any failure to deliver goods or services ordered, for any delay in or interruption to delivering goods or services, or for any defect to goods or services that is caused by events or circumstances beyond its control.
19. The School's Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time. The current Terms and Conditions are published on this web page. It is the student's responsibility to check and be informed about the latest Terms and Conditions.

Accommodation Terms

1. Smoking is not allowed in the Homestay, unless expressly permitted by your host.
2. Many English families have a pet or pets in the home (dog, cat etc). If you do not want to stay in a home with a pet, you must inform us when you register.
3. A private bathroom may not be available and is not guaranteed.
4. In circumstances beyond the Homestay host's control, access to the Internet is not guaranteed.
5. In arranging Homestay accommodation, Bath School of English is acting as the supplier's agent. The School acts only as an intermediary between the student and the Homestay provider.
6. We reserve the right to allocate alternative accommodation without prior notification.
7. The School will send the Homestay details to you by email as soon as possible after the full payment of fees. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the Homestay details before travelling to the UK.
8. If you leave your Homestay earlier than the dates you have booked, no refund of fees is payable.
9. The Homestay Arrangement Fee is £50.
10. Arrival at your Homestay must be between the hours of 08:00 and 22:00.

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