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English school BathBath School of English provides a wide variety of courses of English in the city of Bath. It is an English language school offering intensive, One to One courses of between 1 and 4 weeks year-round in the beautiful city of Bath.

The city of Bath is a World Heritage site, famous for its Roman Baths, and it a perfect location where international students can learn English as a foreign language.

The English school is one of many educational institutions in Bath, which includes two universities. The Bath English school managed by Bath School of English specialises in personalised One to One English course in Bath programmes.

At Bath School of English the management and teaching team focuses their efforts on delivering a personal service and a quality course, with the aim of helping our students make quick progress in their English skills.

Most of our students are adults over the age of 20, and include corporate clients. However, students from the age of can register on an English course at the School, provided they have their own accommodation arrangements in place.

Learn English in Bath at Bath School of English and you can also enjoy all that the wonderful cit of Bath UK offers. Bath England is a wonderful historical city with a wealth of tradition. Modern Bath city provides all the amenities that a college city needs.

At Bath School of English, Bath you can rapidly improve your English speaking and comprehension skills, and Bath School of English also offers English courses for specific purposes, including English for Business.

If you are looking for an English school in Bath, a city of Bath school with experienced and friendly teachers and management staff, you should consider choosing an English school in Bath or an English college in Bath where you can be provided with an English language course run by an international college in Bath or an international school in Bath where you can study English effectively.

Study English in Bath at Bath school of English and you will enjoy the benefits of a private English lesson, a private English lesson in Bath, World Heritage city. There are many English courses in Bath you can choose from, but if you are looking for a One to One English course, whether general English or a more specialised course such as business English, English and golf or English and tennis, why not consider choosing Bath School of English for your English studies! You can be assured of a warm welcome from teachers and staff alike. Want to know more? Then please Contact Us with your enquiry - we will be delighted to help.

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