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Where do the lessons take place?
The lessons normally take place in the Homestay host's house, in a designated room suitable for teaching.

How many teachers will I have?
If you are studying for up to 20 hours per week you will normally have one teacher. If you are studying for more than 20 hours per week, you will have one or two teachers.

What is the minimum age for students?
The minimum age at Bath School of English is 18, without Homestay accommodation. 
The minimum age is 20 with Homestay accommodation.There is no maximum age.

What are the teaching methods?
We use a communicative approach with lots of spoken interaction between teacher and student backed up with task based activities. Your teacher will help you with your pronunciation and fluency so that you can communicate more confidently and clearly in English. By mixing activity types and grading them to suit your own level and speed, the teachers make the lessons lively and engaging.

Do I have to buy any books?
No, course books and other course materials are included in the Bath School of English course fees.

Will I be given homework?
Yes, your teacher will normally give you homework, which is an integral part of your course at Bath School of English.

How can I check my progress?
Every Friday, you will take a Progress Test (or an End of Course test if it is the last day of your course). The test will provide evidence of your progress.

Will I get a Certificate when I finish my course?
Yes, at the end of your course your teacher will present you with your course completion Certificate. This will provide details of your course at Bath School of English and recommendations for your future English Language studies.

When will I receive my Homestay details?
We will send you an email and a letter to your home address confirming your course and your Homestay address, after we have received your full fees.

Will I be able to go online in my Homestay?
Yes, all Bath School of English all Homestay hosts provide access to the Internet.

Who can I talk to if I have a problem?
Initially you should talk to your teacher or to your host. If this does not resolve your problem you can talk to the School Principal.

How do I get from the airport to the Homestay?
The School can arrange a taxi transfer from any UK airport. Please see our fees page for transfer prices. If you get lost at the airport (or anywhere else during your stay), the School will provide you with a 24-hour emergency telephone number, so you can get immediate assistance. If you prefer to make your own travel arrangements, you can get to Bath by train or coach.

What does the Homestay include?
Your Homestay accommodation is a single room in a comfortable home with breakfast every day and evening meal Monday-Friday. There will be storage space available in your room and you may have the use of a private bathroom or other private wash facilities, but this is not guaranteed. You may be able to prepare your own evening meal at the weekend, but again this is not guaranteed.

Can I use the washing machine in my Homestay host's home?
Your Homestay host will decide if you ask them - some hosts prefer students not to use the washing machine / drier by themselves. They may instead provide you with washing nets for your clothes and wash them for you.

What do I do if I need to see a doctor or a dentist?
You can visit a doctor's or dentist's in Bath. We can provide information about where to go for medical care in Bath.

How do I pay my accommodation fees?
Your accommodation fees are included in your course fees and must be paid in full before you arrive.

Is insurance included in the fees?
No, it isn't; please arrange suitable travel and medical insurance before you travel. Please note that the School is not responsible for any accidental damage caused by you to your Homestay host's property, so you should also consider being insured against this risk.

Please Contact Us if you require further details about any of the information above, or if you wish to discuss your course requirements with our Admissions team - we will be delighted to help.

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